My little sister was in town and she had some time to kill so we had a spontaneous day date which mainly involved eating and looking at cute things. If you find yourself in San Francisco  with no plans and a few hours to kill might I recommend the following ITINERARY!

FIRST STOP: Salt & Straw! To consume delicious ice cream and of course take cute pictures of said ice cream. They have really unique flavors and the store front is so cute. I literally die.




SECOND STOP: Japantown! To buy super cute stationary, eat more yummy food, and waste money at the arcade trying to win a llama at the claw machine. FYI its literally impossible. All the polaroids featuring people who have won before HAVE TO BE STAGED OR SOMETHING!!!

2018-03-03 17:43:03.803


2018-03-03 19:50:05.815

LAST STOP: Boba Guys! Because it would literally be a sin to be in the area and not get Boba Guys. The line can get pretty long but you already know its worth it.

2018-03-04 12:01:26.352

2018-03-04 12:16:42.556



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