Cutest “grown up” lunch bags!

I’m always on the hunt for CUTE lunch bags that won’t totally ruin my entire outfit. Also, I keep thinking a stylish lunch bag will encourage me to not be so lazy and pack myself a healthy, money saving meal every day.

So far… that hasn’t exactly been the case ūüė¶

Here are a few that I own or plan to purchase!


This¬†Kate Spade¬†lunch bag is ADORABLE! I bought it a few months ago and I love how well it compliments most of my outfits- it’s like a legit accessory.

I noticed a lot of purchasers complaining about how small this bag is in the reviews. It’s pretty slim but also tall. If you have a stackable tupperware system you should be fine.


This lunch bag by Fluf is both stylish and practical.

I love the playful pop of yellow on the handle! And speaking of handles, as someone who is usually carrying a laptop bag and cross body on public transportation, handles are EVERYTHING TO ME! This bag is so easy to carry when I’m running around trying to get where I need to go.


I don’t own this¬†ME.FAN¬†bento box/lunch bag combo but I WISH I DID!

I’m interested in bento box lunch systems, but they seem like such a hassle to transport. Luckily, this one comes with an insulated bag that is the perfect size and color! Who doesn’t love color coordination?



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