I’m obsessed with finding cute, functional makeup bags! I always opt for having  a few small ones instead of a large one for when I’m traveling. Here are a few I either own or have been eyeing lately!

  1. Zodaca Transparent Cosmetic Case


I love the concept of clear makeup bags because DUH it’s super convenient! I’ve purchased a few in the past and generally found the plastic to be too stiff, making it uncomfortable to grab stuff out.

Luckily I found this one on Amazon for only $6.99! Super affordable! It also comes in gold and grey. I definitely recommend it.

2. Rifle Paper x LeSportsac


First of all, I love everything by Rifle Paper Co.! If you’ve never been on their website, prepare to waste HOURS looking at ridiculously cute things and spending lots of $$$ on stuff you probably don’t really need. This cosmetic bag is sold out on their site but you can still get it at Paper Source!

3. Mini Makeup Train Case


Saw this on Amazon for $23.99. I’m a sucker for anything with handles and I love all the functional compartments. So cute!

4. Hello Kitty Caboodle!


This case is actually pretty big and I probably wouldn’t purchase it for myself but it’s a HELLO KITTY CABOODLE! How could you resist???

4. Kate Spade


This one could totally function as a little purse! It’s definitely stylish, but you could also probably find something similar for cheaper on Amazon. Still cute though!


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