There were several companies that offered Goat Yoga in my area so I simply picked the one that was most convenient for my schedule and convinced my BF and sister to do it with me!

First of all, I have never even taken a non-goat yoga class before so I literally had no idea what to expect. Luckily it was a super chill introductory class that was perfect for beginners!


Before the class started one of the instructors spread grass around our yoga mats and the goats started roaming around eating and nuzzling us while we did different yoga poses. They were so cute!! I wanted to take them all home with me!!

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After the class ended there was a “goat happy hour” where we got to spend time petting the goats, taking pictures with them, and holding different yoga poses with the goats on our backs. It was all very exciting and hilarious.

Of course, having a goat stand on your back while you are on your hands and knees can lead to unexpected shenanigans.

One of the goats kept trying to eat our yoga classmate’s hair while standing on her back.  Her hair was blonde and curly so maybe he was confusing it with the hay, I mean he was REALLY chewing it. She somehow stayed very calm throughout the ordeal, I probably would have screamed and shrugged the goat off of me.

Another woman was pee’d on while the goat was standing on her back. The goats usually jump off pretty quickly, but he was standing on her for so long the entire class turned to admire the spectacle and then he started peeing… for an EXTREMELY long time. Probably thirty seconds of pee. She also stayed very calm and waited patiently for him to be done before letting him jump off on his own.

How are these people so zen??

Maybe I should do more yoga so I can get on their level.


In the end, I left feeling very happy and relaxed like my spirit was lifted.

Who knew yoga + goats could be such a great experience?

10/10 would do again! But I’m probably just saying that because I didn’t get pee’d on.






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