I love making personalized gifts for my family and friends. I call it doing a RANDOM CRAFT OF KINDNESS! Lol

I recently made this DIY calendar for my friend and I hope it inspires you to do a random craft of kindness for someone special in your life =)

Buy/make a blank calendar

I bought a blank desk calendar from Paper Source (here) it’s currently on sale for $4.97! The paper is really good quality and it stands! I definitely recommend it


This is one of those projects where it really helps to brainstorm BEFORE you start or else you’ll end up messing up and starting over a million times!!

So I poured myself a glass of wine, pulled out a box of old pictures, and spent the day reminiscing about our friendship and jotting down ideas.

Get out your crafts and start decorating!

I wanted this calendar to feel like a mini scrapbook so I used a variety of craft supplies to  create that vibe.

I have a craft box full of random things like glitter markers, washi tape, acrylic paint, stickers, stencils, cute candy wrappers… it’s kind of like a junk drawer honestly.

I probably used a little bit of everything!

Here’s a look at some of the months I decorated!

afterlightimage 8
Glitter acrylic paint; Iron on patch; Mini envelope
afterlightimage 7
Polaroids; Washi tape; Markers; Stickers
afterlightimage 4
Glitter markers; Highlighters;
afterlightimage 3
Markers; Pens; Rubber Stamps

afterlightimage 2







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